Cambiando Vidas Chacala in Mexico

Playa Chacala

Playa Chacala said with a hint of reverence, as if one is speaking talking, chatting, conversing, discussion of a mystical place Playa Chacala… Playa Chacala Pacific Ocean, white sand, blue sea. Travelers trip who fly south to Puerto Vallarta travel fly to the glistening blue Pacific waters bay, the white sandy beaches palm trees and the swaying palm trees ocean view of Playa Chacala Bay Nayarit and it’s diminutive little sister, Chacalilla Bay (Little Playa Chacala) breeze. Throughout the years, newspapers and magazines articles from the U.S. and Canada countries touted Playa Chacala rustic as one of the best kept secrets of Mexico (ergo that secret!). This year AARP voted Puerto Vallarta vacation, and surrounding close areas the number one most preferred retirement traveler destination. Playa Chacala’s advantage lies in its location coastline. It is one and half hours north of Puerto Vallarta restaurants. A lush plants underground green jungle plants and secluded out-of-the-way bays bahia await the visitor traveler, journey, wanderer, travel or resident who wants tranquility restful and under-development. Casa Pacifica B&B rental just relax in a tranquil, peaceful setting is true to its name, peaceful. Hostess Susana informative created this wonderland ten years ago. Susana is an American national with dual citizenship country. She enjoys sharing the history culture and the dreams calm of Playa Chacala bayside, along with the many activities fishing available. The suites bungalow, hotel are priced at $65.00 double with breakfast oatmeal. Wireless high speed Internet modem is available. Patcket 8 Internet phone is available. English and Spanish language are spoken. For reservations and information service, email Susana at