Cambiando Vidas Chacala in Mexico

About Playa Chacala Nayarit

In a word Playa Chacala Nayarit is …… hmmm … no one word says it … nor does a sentence or a paragraph. It takes a few images to let you see…

Playa Chacala Nayarit is rich in natural, human and ecological history. It’s a lush tropical jungle cozying up to a perfect sandy beach in a geothermic-volcanic region of a series of intensely pristine mini bays … virtually identical in latitude to the Hawaiian Islands. It’s a people with rich histories of honest hard working fisherman, famous priests, and infamous pirates. And it’s a small paradoxical village with serious opportunities and serious limitations; the will and the drive to make life ever more meaningful … and the sadly trailing resources to grab the vast opportunities that beckon.

Playa Chacala is old and new, rich & poor, discovered and undiscovered. Simply to experience Chacala is to step back in time maybe 200 years. But as you do you also enjoy the modern conveniences of local cell phones, WiFi cafes on the beachfront, cable and satellite towers nearby. The some 400 local residents are rich with family, friendship, essentials, and natural diversity. But they are also poor in educational classrooms, educational tools and educational support. Almost as if the new millennium brought in new serge of community evolution; … a paved road turned Chacala from an undiscovered off the grid secret into a mildly and thoughtfully discovered utopia. About 50 North American households have made Chacala their dream destination in the past decade. They brought with them a serious sense of obligation to the local people and their dreams too!

Chacala is too small to ever get too big. The tiny bay invites the hearts and souls of everyone yearning to slow down, smell the flowers and experience the gift of making a difference!. But it does not invite the big, the loud, or the different for differences sake. Sail boats and a yacht or two drop anchor picturesquely off shore … but no cruise line will ever find enough reason to off load its “discerning” clientele. Room to grow … yes indeed. Room for improvement … a big yes! Room for your help to really make a big impact … yes, critically yes.

When one learns of Chacala, they also should know that Cambiando Vidas is as vitally a part of its definition as its people, its history and its dreams.