Cambiando Vidas Chacala in Mexico


EBACH Estudiantes Manifiesto !

We are the students of Cambiando Vidas. We call ourselves EBACH … an anagram that means “Grateful Scholarship Students of Chacala”. When we come through the door and become EBACH members, we join a family of friends that will Change Our Lives. This is our vow:
We ARE here to change lives … all of our lives; our own, our family’s, our community’s and most especially … each other’s. We are each other’s best chance for a bigger life … a better life … a better world. We are each other’s most valuable resource and most trusted friend … friends we can count on for a whole lifetime … especially when the going is difficult … friends that do not judge us or ignore us. When we excel
in any part of our life, we share our skills with those of us who need help. When we have difficulty in any part of our lives, we seek help among our EBACH friends and Cambiando Vidas leaders … we never let pride stop us from asking for help … we never let pride stop us from offering our help.
We believe strongly in fairness and that rules are the only way fairness can prevail. We believe honesty and sharing is the only way a true friend and a true citizen can be made. Those of us who have been here longer than others are happily obliged to help the new members grow and succeed… We never ask for more than our share of anything … we never expect to do less than our share of any task. We are all strong in special ways and pledge to share our strengths. We are all weak in various ways … and pledge to search for strength among our most positive peers. We are indeed grateful … grateful for the amazing opportunity presented by Cambiando Vidas … grateful to the many generous people who make it possible …grateful for the bigger and better world we see ahead … and grateful for the honor and privilege to have each other as true friends.