Cambiando Vidas Chacala in Mexico

The Parent Pledge

Every year, the volunteers of Cambiando Vidas (CV) start all over and work thousands of hours; literally every single day for the entire year raising money to support CV Students … yours! It takes more than $700,000 pesos every year to meet minimum CV requirements … we need double that. We are forced to turn away many on the waiting list … to support yours! The job is impossible. The needs are so many. Every student has problems and opportunities. We try to do the impossible job of addressing the problems and seizing the opportunities. The Program begins years before your student can even get in … it starts with Kinder/Pre-school through Primary. We provide supervised after school programs, computer access and instruction, psychological family counseling, hot-lunch, diabetes prevention, nutrition, supplemental teachers, a decent, safe and supportive school grounds, equipment for healthy recreation. Once in the program in Secondaria, we try to provide tutoring, music instruction, Leadership Training, one-on-one student sponsorships, financial support with supplies, uniforms, transport … and life instruction! Once accepted, your student becomes a member of EBACH and commits to the EBACH Manifiesto (you should read it!). They learn they must do much more than just study hard. Knowledge is the one … and only key to personal freedom and personal achievement. But without true Citizenship, knowledge is … selfish and easily corrupted! And without positive and dependable friendships, life is dry & sad & lonely. CV is not for jokers and loners, the lazy, the “complainers & explainers”, fakers or selfish takers. We have had to remove a few of those already, and several more are on the edge, right now! CV is ONLY for those who believe they must “Deserve Their Dream” … by doing every bit of their share of work every time they are asked … by helping each other as much as they can and accepting/requesting help when needed. Being too proud or too embarrassed to “ask” for help will get your student removed from CV! Students ask for ONLY what they need and leave all the rest to go to others. CV Students DO NOT COMPETE with each other for money, for favor, or special treatment. They cooperate to their fullest …. or they do not belong. CV Students support each other … never brag, never shun, never tease or bully, never turn-away-from each other. CV Students know that the price of so much volunteer sacrifice and generosity is … GRATITUDE! They know this is a very big opportunity to reach for a bigger, better life. When they are invited to have a little fun … it’s because it’s earned and serves to build the most valuable thing life has to offer … trusted friendships! Nothing counts more than true friendship!

…Take the CV Parent Pledge!

We know CV is only for serious students who pledge to work hard, participate fully, and support the EBACHStudent Manifiesto. We pledge to cooperate fully and help CV in all the following ways:
  •  We will learn & support the values and requirements of CV.
  • We will provide all the financial support we can as a family & participate in fundraising activities. As a group we will meet our fundraising goals.
  • We believe in fairness and support “no favoritism”.
  • We will read and support the EBACH Student Manifiesto.
  •  We agree our student must ask for help before grades slip below 8.0 and if necessary seek tutoring.
  •  We agree that the unselfish generosity of others deserves our true gratitude.
  • We assure communication (4 X’s a year) with our student’s Sponsor.
  • We will never cover-up, provide excuses for our student.
  • We understand the “No Second Chance Rule”.
  •  We agree our student needs to take active & positive roles in Community Affairs.
  • We know that Psychological & Vocational Guidance is available for our family.
  • We agree that EBACH is the best possible peer group for our student to join.
We understand our students are the future of the community and that there are many negative influences we all must join hands to prevent. As parents who truly love and want what’s best for our students, we pledge to unite withCambiando Vidas  to protect and promote true scholarship, citizenship and the values of positive friendships.